For the past five years I’ve been participating in the International Collage and Exchange held in New Zealand and orchestrated by Dale Copeland. This is the link to learn more about the International Collage Exchange and Sale.

The artwork and information posted under this heading are a sample of the six collages that I entered in the 2014 International Collage Exchange and Sale.

circle-dance.jpg”>Circle Dance

Title : Legato:

The collage is created from textile as the background. I’ve incorporated an experimental drawing under the reproduction image printed onto a plastic sheet as the mid-ground of the composition. The dancers and small square and rectangles formations are sections from two different original Intaglio prints which I applied as the foreground of the composition. I added the dancers in such an arrangement to play with the formations in an interesting arrangement to create more visual interest to the compositions.

I decided to use a music term for my title because I often incorporate sheet music when creating original Intaglio prints that incorporate into my collages
and other artwork.