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I’ve altered a few of my colored photographs into black and white.  This will help me better distinguish the shadows, highlights and gradation throughout the drawings.  At this point I plan on drawing the Kodiak Bear Cubs using charcoal but I might use some cont’e chalk.


DSC_3502This morning I spent a few hours photographing Munsey and Boda.  When I arrived at Wildwood Park and Zoo, the bears were inside eating while the zoo staff cleaned the outside habitat area.  I spent 30 minutes photographing a few of the other zoo animals, hoping that Munsey and Boda would make an appearance during my zoo visit.  So, I was thrilled to see the cubs emerge from their man made den this morning.   I spent almost two hours photographing the cubs play tag, hunt for their hidden treats  and wrestle with each other in the snow.  I was hoping that I’d  catch the cubs outside because I hadn’t hadn’t seen them in almost three weeks.  I had become so accustomed to seeing the cubs almost every day that those three weeks felt like three years.  I would have continued to take more photographs for another hour but my fingertips began to hurt from being exposed to the elements.   I’ve posted a few photographs from this mornings visit at the zoo.


The Kodiak Cub Bear project continues, as I’ve begun sifting through almost a thousand photographs that I’ve taken of Munsey and Boda since they arrived in late October of 2015 .  Since late October through November  and into early December of 2015 I spent 10 hours a week observing and photographing the cubs at Wildwood Park and Zoo in Marshfield WI.  I felt that it was vital to dedicate as many hours as possible document the cubs as they were adjusting to their new habitat and  observe the cubs they interacted with each other.   I’ve also spent many hours contacting as many people involved in rescuing the Kodiak Bear Cubs and  share some of the photographs of the cubs.   I plan on creating artwork that  will  be both visually interesting to the viewer’s eye but also educational and  provide some financial support dedicated to the cubs through the sales of my artwork.DSC_4812