DSC_3502This morning I spent a few hours photographing Munsey and Boda.  When I arrived at Wildwood Park and Zoo, the bears were inside eating while the zoo staff cleaned the outside habitat area.  I spent 30 minutes photographing a few of the other zoo animals, hoping that Munsey and Boda would make an appearance during my zoo visit.  So, I was thrilled to see the cubs emerge from their man made den this morning.   I spent almost two hours photographing the cubs play tag, hunt for their hidden treats  and wrestle with each other in the snow.  I was hoping that I’d  catch the cubs outside because I hadn’t hadn’t seen them in almost three weeks.  I had become so accustomed to seeing the cubs almost every day that those three weeks felt like three years.  I would have continued to take more photographs for another hour but my fingertips began to hurt from being exposed to the elements.   I’ve posted a few photographs from this mornings visit at the zoo.