This video was taken on March 4, 2016 12 noon at Wildwood Park and Zoo. Munsey and Boda’s weight is about 200 lbs.

I’ve been documenting the growth and activities of Munsey and Boda since they arrived in late October 2015. I’ve taken over 3,000 photographs of the Kodiak cubs since they arrived at Wildwood Park and Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I’m in the process of creating charcoal drawings, etchings and collages inspired by the Kodiak cubs . The cubs were rescued by members of Mike Munsey’s hunting party after their mother had been illegally killed. Once Munsey received permission to rescue the cubs from their den. When the three cubs were rescued they were hungry, dehydrated , wet and dirty. The following day Nate Svoboda a wildlife biologist in Alaska retrieved the cubs and brought them to the Alaska Zoo. But he real story is that Brandon Stokes (a hunter) gave up a day of his hunting trip to climb a mountain with Harry Dodge while Brigid Dodge was keeping in communication with the guys at the home camp to go rescue the three cubs. If not for Brandon sacrificing a day which he paid to go hunting, the bears would of never been recovered and would of died the following day.

Munsey and Boda are named after Mike Munsey and Nate Svoboda. The Kodiak cubs were donated by the Alaska Zoo to Wildwood Park and Zoo located in Marshfield, Wisconsin in October 2015. The third male cub was flown to the Toledo Ohio Zoo.