Yesterday as I spent almost three hours photographing the two Kodiak bear cubs at the  Wilwood Zoo in Marshfield Wisconsin.  I had an opportunity to meet and talk with over 20 zoo guests and share my knowledge of the rescue story of the three Kodiak bear cubs.  I was unexpectedly surprised by a specific zoo guest and his family that are from Alaska and discovered he had a direct connect connection with the three cubs.  We exchanged some information and stories about the cubs and I look forward to receiving more information about the rescue mission and his  direct experiences with these cubs.  So Steve, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family yesterday.  I can’t wait to hear from you and safe travels back to Alaska!

cDSC_7513 2015 11 10Munsey and Boda are now about 200 pounds each.  The picture directly above depicts how the cubs looked on 11/10/2015  when they  were they weighed about 120 and 130 pounds.  Since I’m able to see the cubs multiple times during the week, it’s often difficult to see the changes in their growth.  While reviewing photographs from October greatest changes that I’ve observed are how mush larger they are compared to when they first arrived.  They no longer can walk through their exhibit door together because they’ve grown so much.

The photograph below was taken on 3/7/2016 and the cubs each weigh about 200 pounds..DSC_0760_3078