I just finished my first charcoal drawing of Munsey and I’ve started to work on the next  charcoal drawing, which is of Boda.   Most of the charcoal drawing is created with powered charcoal and feathers.  the feathers work very well for making subtractive and additive mark making.  I love using feathers because they don’t leave as sharp and controlled of mark on my paper when I’m drawing.  I also create three layers of marks when creating the bears fur coat.  When it comes to drawing I hyper focus on producing extremely detailed work in my compositions.

This summer my Kodiak Bear charcoal drawings , greeting cards, photography and photographic books will be for sale, along with my Intaglio prints, collages, lamp-worked beads and assemblages at my art studio during the 2016 North-Woods Studio Tour.aDSC_9099 copy 15-11-10