This group of photographs were taken between May 5th and May 7th, 2016.  Munsey and Boda are now about 260 pounds and are 15 months old.  Boda is pictured chasing a couple of ducks that kept landing in the pond located in the Woodland habitat area.  At this time Boda still has blond fur on his hind quarters, while Munsey has a sold brown fur coat.  It appears that Munsey’s Summer fur coat is beginning to take on a lighter color.  It will be interesting to see if they  both have a honey blond fur coat during the Summer months.

I continue to work on charcoal drawings, collages and photography all based on the Kodiak cubs and how they’ve survived all the adversities that have been placed before them since they’ve lost their mother in May of 2015.  I’ve decided that the series of  my Kodiak bear cub artwork will be titled “Kodiak Survivors”.  I do have  my first photographic book published and ready for sale and a selection of 20 Kodiak bear cub greeting cards.  The book has 20 pages of full color photographs of the cubs from age 9 months to 13 months.  The photographs are dated and share information about the cubs and how they’ve been growing and developing during those months.

Please contact me if your interested in purchasing one of my Kodiak Bear Books or greeting cards.   Here two new links to news articles that have been published about Munsey and Boda.