The past few days I’ve been watching and photographing the cubs climbing trees, having water fights and chasing each other around the woodland habitat area. Yesterday  evening Munsey  decided to climbed 30  to 40 feet up one of the trees.

While it’s always fun to watch the cubs at play, I do worry about them when they choose to climb 30 feet up a tree!

Munsey has been holding his own when interacting with Boda these days, he’s no longer the passive Kodiak bear cub.  I must say it’s good to see the cubs treat each other with kindness from time to time.  It doesn’t happen often but I had the opportunity to see the cubs demonstrate  their affection for each other yesterday afternoon.

aaaDSC_3739 2016 5 24 munsey boda(left to right) Munsey and Boda resting together in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit while waiting for their lunch.

The cubs are around 260 pounds each and are going to be 16 months old in June.

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of sharing  my knowledge on the Kodiak cubs with the first grade teachers and students from Neilville, Wisconsin.

The photograph below is of Munsey running with his chunk of watermelon.aDSC_5790 2016 4 14 munsey