I spent a few hours photographing Munsey and Boda on June 8th, 9th and 10th.  The cubs are 285 pounds and they are as active and very  inquisitive about everything.

Munsey found a frog hopping around the edge of the pond that’s located in the Woodland Habitat Area.  He was extremely intrigued by the frog.  After playing with it and tasting it, he spit it out of his mouth and then he finally ate the little hopper!

The cubs are enjoying their four foot deep pond and spend a lot of time swimming around, munching on roots.  It appears they  like flossing their teeth with the roots as well. The  Woodland Habitat Area pond offers the cubs an opportunity to float on their blue and red balls and multiple water fights are held on a daily basis.


From my experience the cubs seem to be very active around 10:30am to noon.  That’s when I’ve found them swimming in the pond, climbing trees and chasing each other around the Woodland Habitat Area.

I just finished creating a few more new photographic books of Munsey and Boda  and they  will be for sale around June 20th.  They will also be on sale during the  2016 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR, to learn more about this event go to northwoodsarttour.com