The process of drawing this 32″ x 36″ charcoal drawing titled  Munsey was a task that had taken me out of my comfort zone. While drawing Munsey, I discovered that I used the same drawing techniques that  I had used when I was drawing a series title Bombus  which was a more surrealistic group of drawings.  When drawing with powdered charcoal I always enjoy experimenting with more unorthodox tools to create my marks.  I use any materials that have a slightly tacky surface that helps me create interesting marks which help me create organic formations and interesting textures.

The bone structure of the Kodiak cub was used as a guide when creating the tufts of fur throughout the composition.  When I’m drawing, I always hyper-focus  on the details and use multiple photographs to help me me make the observations in regards to bone structure, lighting and creating depth through lighting and developing texture in in the composition.

I spent over 24 hours drawing Munsey but I’m not sure of the amount of time I spent observing and photographing the two Kodiak cubs, so I could have a reference as to how to proceed in the creation of the composition.


Bombus is a charcoal drawing that is 3′ x 5′ and was also created with the same drawing techniques as the composition Munsey. To learn more about NORTHWOODS ART TOUR go to northwoodsarttour.comwendlandt_s_bombus_1jpg