I happened to be visiting Munsey and Boda during during some hot and humid days.  The early morning hours did’t seem to have as great of an impact on the cubs as much as the hot and humid evenings.  Last night the cubs seemed to be struggling with the heat and humidity from the long hot day.  Boda was digging up sand in the hopes of finding some cool damp sand to rest into, while Munsey  found a cool spot to rest located closer to the waterfalls up against the rock formations.

Earlier in the day I stopped to check on the cubs and found them swimming in the Bear Woods pond and the swimming pool that’s located in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat Area.

The cubs love discovering new things and one of items that cubs love playing with is the landscaping material that must line the pond in the BEAR WOODS.

Munsey and Boda love to play with new and interesting toys and that includes the empty beer keg that’s floating in their pond.

On August 10th around noon,was the first time I observed Munsey and Boda swimming across their pond that’s located in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat Area.  This pool is 13 feet deep in the center and so the cubs would normally only  play and splash along the outside area’s but never had I seen them swim across the deepest area of the pool.

The cubs are now 18 months old and weigh about 380 to 390 pounds each.