On December 4th, 2016  Munsey and Boda enjoy exploring the new fallen snow!  Munsey enjoys rolling around in the white stuff and Boda enjoys running around the Bear Woods hoping for a wrestling match with Munsey.

Munsey  now weighs 460 lbs. and Boda weighs 490 bls. and with the extra winder coat of fur the bears look  more massive at 22 months of age.

Every day about noon the cubs move to the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat area to wait for lunch.  The bears usually come up to the observation window to get a better view of the zoo staff as they leave their office to begin feeding the animals.  It appears that Munsey and Boda can smell their lunch as it’s being prepared by the staff!

I happened to have a cup of coffee on hand and even the coffee was of interest to Munsey that afternoon. adsc_3582-2016-12-4