It’s not easy taking photographs of the Kodiak cubs during the cold winter months.  During the coldest of days, I’ll only spend 15 minutes taking photographs. My  hands begin to freeze and even the camera isn’t too happy being subjected the cold temperatures.  Regardless of the weather and cold temperature, I’m drawn to stop in and visit Munsey and Boda because of their playful and childlike curiosity and behavior.  So here are a few photographs of the Kodiak cubs enjoying the winter snow.aaadsc_4915-1-9-2017

This photograph of Munsey  was taken on January 9th, 2017.  He was playing with a stick he found in the Bear Woods.

The photograph on the left was taken 1/9/2017 and the photograph on the right was taken 1/29 2016.  On 1/29/2016 the cubs weight was around 200 pounds. On 1/9/2017  Munsey’s weight is around 505 lbs. and Boda weight is 545 lbs.