In the last week or so,  I’v noticed that Munsey and Boda have been observing the construction crew working on a new building that’s going to be located on the north side of the Bear Woods.  At times the bears would sit by the fence for 30 to 45 minutes watching the crew as they worked on the new project.

I really hadn’t thought that the bears  could be learning  new skills while watching the construction crew until I observed Munsey using a skill that I’d never seen him perform since his arrival at Wildwood Zoo.





I’m sure that Munsey and Boda had the ability to move large branches around in this fashion  before but this is the first time I’ve ever seen them maneuver the  branches while walking on his hind legs.

On the day Munsey was performing this action the construction workers hadn’t been working at the zoo because of poor weather conditions.