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DSC_9527 charcoal drawing titled Munsey

The drawing of Munsey had taken me about a solid 24 hours of time from start to finish.  Of course I didn’t sit down for 24 hours and draw the composition all at one time.  I spent about a month working on this drawing, while I worked on other bear related collages.

I used multiple photographs of Munsey in order to get the lighting and perspective of the bear captured correctly.  The fur coat was drawn three different layers because it needed to capture the muscle tone, the bears under coat as well as his wispier top coat.

This wasn’t an easy draw and I had to constantly remind myself that I could accomplish this task if I persevered!  So, I was was very pleased with the end result!

Once I had drawn out the basic outline of the bear in pencil,  I used powered charcoal, feathers, a sham, various types of erasers to draw the this composition.  I had the most fun drawing the fur coat because it lends itself to be more abstract.

2016 10 09_8274

If your interested in viewing Munsey this Summer, please stop in at the    iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio during the NORTHWOODS ART TOUR on July 28th, 29th and 30th.  My gallery is #12 on the tour map this year.   To learn more about the NORTHWOODS ART TOUR go to the following link;



The observation window at the JP Kodiak Bear Exhibit is offers a wonderful view of Munsey and Boda while their eating, playing and interacting with zoo guests.  It’s that time of year when many school groups are stopping in to visit the animals at Wildwood Zoo!

If you happen to see me around and want an update on the bears, please feel free to stop and me any questions.  I’m usually wearing a camera around my neck , small backpack and sometime a chart for documenting information about the bears.

aaDSC_7978zoo guest interaction.JPG



I can’t believe that it’s going to be my second year as a member of the NORTHWOODS Art Studio Organization!  The art studio has come a long way over the past few years!  It’s transformed from a dim and ugly space into a warm, inviting and vibrant studio for printmaking, offering art workshops and an ideal area to showcase my artwork!

It’s time to frame and hang new artwork and reorganize the studio for the 2017 NORTHWOODS Art Studio Tour.  Please stop in see what’s new!  To learn more about the NORTHWOODS ART TOUR go to the following link:

My studio is #12 on the map this year!

The art studio couldn’t exist without help and support of my family! Especially my husband! Thanks for getting the lighting up to bright the space!


Thank you to my friends and family that helped with the sales department duties during the 2016 July and October Art Tour events!  You guys made my studio guests feel like family!  It was especially wonderful to meet and greet so many people from my home town of Chicago Ill.!  I can’t wait to meet and visit with all of you!



I’m always excited about answering questions a guest might have while visiting the studio!  There’s a story to share behind almost every piece of artwork I’ve created in the studio!





I’ll be instructing a metal sculpture workshop ” Bent Out of Shape” on June 10th, 2017 starting at 9:30 am -12:00 noon.  The class is limited to 15 students! The registration fee is $45.00

Metal Sculpture Workshop  will be held at the Campanile Center  located at 131 Milwaukee St., Minocqua, WI.


This should be a fun class, I’ve instructed this workshop at the Wisconsin State 4-H Art Beat Camp (3rd-5th graders) and Wisconsin State 4-H Art Camp (6th-8th graders) at Upham Woods and at a Teachers Conference all  located in Wisconsin Dells.  I’ve also offered this workshop to my art students (3rd-8th graders) at Immanuel Lutheran School in Marshfield, WI. and to the members of the Manito Art League, located in Manitowish Waters, WI.


Everyone’s  encouraged to create through exploration of the materials, such as bending metal silverware (for example) into acrobatic performers or objects that appear to defy gravity, while creating focal points through the use of glue, ceramics, stones,  glass and metal objects, to represent the artistic style of each artist.

We’ll investigate the importance of “The Creative Process” and be guided by the Principles and Elements of Art.  Utilizing this knowledge will take participants down unexpected artistically inspired roads.  Roads that embrace the development of an artist’s journey in discovering their own creative style!


I’m a native of Chicago, Illinois, my Intaglio prints, charcoal drawings, collage and assemblages often reflect a blend of that Chicago attitude, energy and perspective, sprinkled with a touch of the Wisconsin north woods flavor.

I’m also a former art instructor for Immanuel Lutheran School.  Since 2004  I’ve instructed workshops on Intaglio Printmaking, Collage, Charcoal Drawing, Altered Books, Metal Sculpture and Assemblages, while mentoring and instructing a multitude of art programs for the UW Extension, State 4-H Arts Camps (personally servicing over 4,000 4-H youth).

Presently I’m the director of Art Gallery 450 located at the UW Marshfield Wood County Campus.  I’ve been a member of Manito Art League since 2004 and in 2016 joined the NORTHWOODS ART TOURS organization . I offer  workshops in the area of printmaking and collage, and sell artwork at the “iMAGiNETHAT!  Art Studio on Bayer Lake Road (one mile north of Lakeland Airport off of North Farming Road.  My art studio is listed as #12 on the art tour map this year.

To register for this workshop Phone: 715-356-9700



2017 05 08_7783.jpg

I’ve been working with this material for many years but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I discovered it had the potential to be used as a piece of artwork and not just a collagraph plate.  As a collagraph plate the cork board is wonderful because it conforms under the pressure of the printing presses polished steal rollers.  So I’m excited to see what new discoveries I’ll make utilizing this material in the future.

If your interested in seeing the finished artwork, stop in at “iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio on July 28,29 and 30th and October 6, 7 and 8th! Go to the following link to learn more about the 2017 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR

iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio is listed as  #12 on the 2017 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR brochure.

2017 05 04_7868


On Saturday, May 13th Munsey and Boda spent a few hours floating and playing with the metal beer keg in the pond located in the Bear Woods habitat area at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield Wisconsin.aDSC_3487

The Kodiak bear’s seemed almost well behaved as they shared the empty beer keg.


I often wonder if Munsey and Boda can smell the remains of the beer inside the keg.aDSC_3564

Of course  Munsey and Boda have to hug each other /wrestle each other in the water as well as on land!  On their most active days the bears will play tag and  wrestle with each other every 20 to 30 minutes. The interaction can last anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.


Since the bears have such a heightened sense of smell, I wonder if they can identify what their brother has eaten for a meal that day?  The specific action between the two bears is considered a positive interaction.




Yes, Munsey and Boda are once again climbing high into the tree tops!



Maybe it was the wonderful guitar music that inspired Boda to take to the tree tops in the late afternoon on Saturday May 13th, 2017.


While Boda was pruning the tree tops, Munsey was collecting the branches that Boda was dropping  all around him. aDSC_3812


That’s little branch is holding up about 600 lbs. of Kodiak bear.  Things got a little tense when Boda placed his weight on dead or partially broken branch and I could hear the branch cracking from the bears weight. I’m sure Boda could feel the branch giving underneath him!  So he maneuvered himself around and shifted his weight onto another branch!

2017 05 13_8367.jpg

This video was taken on May 13th, 2017.

Munsey (one of two  rescued Kodiak bears living in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit at  Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin  was intrigued by the guitar playing zoo guest (Lance Jacobs) that came to entertain the animals at Wildwood Zoo.

I’d been thinking about exposing the cubs to music and observe  how they react to the music.  Thanks to Lance Jacobs, that surprised us today, I was able to document the reaction of the cubs to live music.

Boda (Munsey’s brother)  didn’t seem to react to the music (he kept swimming and playing with his beer keg) but Munsey was captivated by the music and followed the musician t back and forth as he played his guitar for the Kodiak bears.

To learn more about the rescued Kodiak bear cubs and their life at Wildwood Zoo go to the following links








2016 10 31_8148

Munsey and Boda seem to know when it’s breakfast or lunch time at Wilwood Zoo.  So they often decide to keep a watchful eye out for Steve Burns (the head zookeeper) or other trained staff members that serve them their meals everyday.


I’m extremely honored to be involved with the UW Marshfield/ Wood County Campus Art Department serving as the Art Director for Art Gallery 450.  The video above segment depicts a sample of the artwork created in Professor Kitty Kingston’s Art Studio Courses.  The video segment listed below showcases the 2016 Fall semester  art students  and the 2017 Spring semester art students actively involved in the art studio courses offered at the UW Marshfield /Wood County Campus.