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The photographs above were taken on April 2017, while the video was taken in April 2016.

Munsey and Boda are endlessly entertaining, even when they’re relaxing and catching a few rays of sun after swimming in the pond.

I discovered these photographs and video’s, while creating a video from a selection of video segments that I’d taken over the past two years.

Munsey and Boda enjoying their frozen treats!



Update on Munsey

20170822_141734-1Above photograph, (left to right) Munsey and Boda by the observation window located in JP Adler Kodiak bear habitat area on August 22nd, 2017.

To learn more about the update on Munsey’s health go to the following link:

Munsey and Boda love playing on cool rainy days! It appears these two brothers are very active when the temperature drops to the 50 and 60 degree weather because life on Kodiak Island is often very cool, cloudy and wet.  The video link posted here was taken on the morning of June 2017, while the cubs were enjoying Fresh Fruit Bear Popsicle’s to help cool their core body temperature during some warm stretches of weather.



Munsey and Boda had fun visiting with zoo guest’s at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield on  August 22nd.


Munsey and Boda are buddies!  I’m sure it’s unusual for two male cubs to be as closely bonded as these two brothers.

While the brother’s can often be found wrestling with each other  (as bear’s often do ) they have demonstrated  that they are truly fond of each other and care about each other. This is often demonstrated when the cubs are napping.



At first Boda wasn’t sure what to think about a young zoo guest wearing a bear head costume.   He seemed to enjoy interacting withthe  kid in the bear costume.



Please take a few minutes to view some of the new pages that I added to my blog today.  At the top of my website, I’ve added pages that showcase the following three themes: Munsey and Boda Merchandise – Artwork Gallery and Photography.



The cubs had a great time playing with their toy’s in the pool located at the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit.



Of course they enjoy playing with their all time favorite toy, the fire hose!  They played with the fire hose for at least two hour’s today!


This is Sara, one of the newer staff members at Marshfield’s Wildwood Zoo and she’s delivering a selection of fruity ice bear pops as a snack for Munsey and Boda to enjoy during the summer months.




The boys love these fruity ice pops made with fresh fruit that’s been blended and frozen in a freezer a few few days before being served to Munsey and Boda.

It appears that it takes the cubs a bit longer to eat the frozen fruit compared to the regular fruit and veggie’s they get for snacks.



20170803_132021Munsey and Boda enjoyed themselves today during a rain storm.  The cool rain is the type of weather the bear’s enjoy most.

Below is a link to a video of Munsey and Boda playing in the pool at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield Wisconsin.