Since  Munsey’s been feeling under the weather, I must say that Boda has defiantly demonstrated that he’s a very caring and nurturing brother!  Boda has been keeping a close eye on his brother and often spends as much time close to his brother  while Munsey’s  been resting inside.

On Tuesday morning September 5th it was a wonderful surprise to see Munsey outside exploring the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit.  He sniffed around the entire area and then sat by the south side of the habitat area gazing and vocally huffing  at Boda.   Boda  gazed and huffed responding to Munsey.  The two cubs sat looking at each other and vocalizing with each other for at least the two hours  on tuesday while I was documenting their behavior.

Here are a few photographs of Munsey and Boda playing together a few weeks ago.