Munsey and Boda will remain  separated for a few more weeks to allow Munsey’s stitches to heal.  Since the separation of the Kodiak bear cubs, I’ve observed a great deal of vocalization (best described as huffing) between Munsey and Boda.  If Boda would happen to walk to the far end of the bridge, Munsey will huff loudly in Boda’s direction and Boda will return to Munsey’s location.



When the two cubs are separated with a road in-between each habitat area the huffing is frequent and projected more loudly.  Munsey in the foreground and Boda is in the background.  While I’ve been observing the cubs behavior, it appears that the brothers  would sit facing towards each other for an hour or more.  Boda would climb to the top of the stairs and try to find a way to get onto the bridge, to get to his brother, while Munsey would begin digging as close to fencing that’s located in the direction of his brother Boda.



Last night Boda began to dig a trench in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit area and this morning Munsey continued to dig in the same area, while Boda was watching him from north side of the Hamus Bear Bridge.  I could hear Boda huffing at Munsey while he was digging a deeper trench. I wondered if Boda was giving Munsey directions from a far.