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I would like to thank all the guests that stopped in to visit my art studio this past weekend.  I deeply enjoyed talking to everyone of my guests and look forward to greeting you again next year during the 2018 Northwoods Art Tour!

A special thank you to everyone that assisted me this past weekend with setting up flags to servicing the studio guests with the items they’ve purchased, so I could demonstrate the art of printmaking!  Please understand that I couldn’t  participate in this event without your assistance!  You are wonderful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!





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Today is the last day to stop in at iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio! It’s listed as #12 on the Northwoods Art Tour (a self-guided tour) brochure.  To learn more about the Northwoods Art Tour artists go to






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This 605 lbs. Kodiak cub loves his snack time!  Munsey always eats his meals and snacks as slowly as he possibly can do so, enjoying every morsel he of food during  meal and snack time!


It can take Munsey up to 30 minutes to eat his breakfast, while Boda almost inhales every meal and he isn’t a happy camper when he has to watch Munsey  slowly eating his meal .




I had a fantastic time visiting with all the studio guests that stopped in to learn about Intaglio printmaking!  I look forward to the next two days of demonstrating printmaking during the art tour!


You can take the girl out of the Chicago but you can’t Chicago out of the girl!  That pretty much describes what motivates my edgier style of artwork.

child's Play -mixed media,printmaking

(above)  Child’s Play was a problematic / naughty creation that had taken me three years to create.  It began as a collagraph print that went rouge on me, so I tucked it away in a drawer for a few years. As time went by,  I had grown and evolved as an artist. So when I found the collagraph print, I knew exactly what to do with it, to make it into an interesting composition.

(below) My series of surrealistic charcoal drawings title Bombus (Latin word meaning BOOM) expresses the feeling/action that I wanted to portray in the drawing Bombus!

DSC_0002 - Bombus


Bombus 3 and 4

(below) This composition titled BILLIE  is created with handmade paper.   The paper pulp was applied to a free form mold.  Once the pulp had dried I applied a variety of permanent metallic paints and mounted the sculpture onto a wood background that’s covered  with fabric.  Please stop in the studio to find out why this composition was given this title!


(below) The series title SNAP has a special story connected to my dear childhood friend that inspired me to create artwork using a very unusually  method.  Please stop in the studio and ask me to tell you the story behind this artwork! iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio is #12 on the self- guided tour of the Northwoods Art Tour brochure. Go to

2016 09 26_8329




These little piggies don’t go to the market, the market food is delivered to them twice a day!  The more important news is that this paw belongs to a  32 month old,  Kodiak bear cub named Munsey ! As of Monday, October 2nd, 2017 Munsey weight is 605 pounds.  For breakfast each cub eats about 5 lbs. of raw meat , a large pail of fresh fruits and veggies and 16 cups of bear chow.


Boda’s paws are a  larger than Munsey’s because Boda’s weight is 720 lbs.



While most zoo guest’s think Munsey is the underdog in this relationship, the truth is these two bears are equally matched in the art of wrestling!  Munsey has a greater advantage to out maneuver Boda because of Boda’s larger bone structure and over all bulky body mass.

During the Northwoods Studio Art Tour (a self- guided tour). Studio guests will find me explaining the art of printmaking, inking  a collagraph  and/or etching plates and discussing the inspiration behind many of the compositions.



The public is invited to explore my art studio on October 6th,7th and 8th, 2017.  iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio is #12 on the art tour.  To learn more about all the talented artists on the art tour go to


Boda defiantly missed his dance partner (brother Munsey)!  These two enjoy wrestling around the Bear Woods at the Marshfield Wildwood Zoo as documented on the morning of Tuesday October 3rd.


One of the best time of day to watch Munsey and Boda play together is in the morning between 9:30 am to 11:00 am.


To learn more about the rescued Kodiak bear cubs, you can purchase a hard cover book for $25 that documents the growth and development of Munsey and Boda since they arrived at Wildwood Zoo in October of 2015.

adsc_7532_4667 These products will be on sale during the 2017 Northwoods Studio Tour! The iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio is #12 on the guide map, of the self- guided NWAT  brochure.




Ribbon Dance

My parents were Ball Room dancers, my father was trained as an instructor of Ball Room Dancing, so of course I’m in love with the art dance!

In honor of my parents and my daughter (also a dance performer), I’ve created a selection of etchings and collages that celebrate the art of dance!


The public is invited to explore my art studio on October 6th,7th and 8th, 2017.  iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio is #12 on the art tour.  To learn more about all the talented artists on the art tour go to

Over the past two years I’ve been documenting two majestic Kodiak bear cubs rescued from Kodiak Island in Alaska.  They’ve been such an inspiration to me that I’ve included the cubs in my blogs and have written books about their growth and development.


If you stop in at the iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio, you’ll find a wide selection of bear related items.  So, please stop by and explore my art studio on October 6th,7th and 8th, 2017.  iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio is #12 on the Northwoods Art Tour (a self- guided tour).  To learn more about all the talented artists on the art tour go to