I love to play with a variety of materials when I’m creating artwork!  If my original prints don’t live up to my expectations, I alter them into a totally new composition.

Sometimes an original print will sit in a drawer for a couple of years before I figure out what direction to follow. Every January through March I pull out all my misfit children and turn them into totally new compositions, usually collages / mixed media.

I believe that the artwork is waiting for me to develop my skills and that’s when the magic happens!  It helps to have an open mind and the courage to destroy one piece of artwork to make exciting discoveries and push my boundaries!

child's Play -mixed media,printmaking

I will have the rest of my Kodiak Bear merchandise (coasters, journals, cards, and books) as well as my limited edition greeting cards, art journals, and a selection small original prints/collages.
Prices range from $3.00 to $700.00. Please stop by and take a peek at the section of artwork and photographs that range from the documentation of the two rescued Kodiak bear cubs to Original prints, funky decorative fish, fluid acrylic paint, and collages are presented with a nautical flair at the iMAGiMANiETHAT! Art Studio.

The Art Studio is #14 in the Northwoods Studio Art Tour booklet (the link is listed below)

Location: From Hwy 51 five miles north of Woodruff, turn west on Airport Rd. The studio is 1.2 miles north of Lakeland Airport, off North Farming Road, the first driveway on Bayer Lake Road.

(Above) An assemblage titled “Web-Scape” created from computer hardware, handmade glass sculptures, fishing net frames the entire composition that’s mounted on an original hand-pulled Intaglio Print.
2017 05 08_7783
To my surprise, I discovered that some styles of cork board create an interesting print because of it’s irregular textured surface.