226268_10150237297681071_510666070_9238617_5619964_nSusan Kloch Wendlandt (silk)

I was raised on the South West side of Chicago for the first 20 years of my life. In the mid 1970’s I moved to Central Wisconsin.

My artwork often reflects a blend of my Chicago attitude, energy and perspective, sprinkled with a touch of the North Woods flavor.

My artwork ranges from Intaglio Printmaking, surrealistic charcoal drawings, collage, assemblages, paper sculptures and photography.

My collages have been exhibited and sold internationally through my participation in the “Bakers Dozen International Collage Exchange and Sale” hosted by Dale Copeland in New Zealand.

Since October 2015  I’ve been documenting two rescued Kodiak bear cubs that reside at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  I utilize the photographic images to help me create a series of  Intaglio prints, collages and drawings themed “WALKABOUT” which is dedicated to the Kodiak bears.

I’ve been selling my original prints through a variety of Wisconsin North Woods art galleries since 2003.

Collectively, I’ve been teaching art for the past 35 years. I work extensively with the UW Extension as a 4-H youth development advisor and art instructor. I’ve developed and implemented art programs for the UW Marshfield/Wood County Campus Summer Art Camp and also created and implemented the “Art ATTACK” art program for the Marshfield YMCA. I’m a former art educator for Immanuel Lutheran School in Marshfield. In July of 2012 I became the art gallery director of Art Gallery 450 located at the UW Marshfield/Wood County Campus.

I fell in love printmaking in 2003 when I registered for a printmaking course at UW Marshfield/Wood County Campus. In 2005 my father build a small printing press for me that can also be used for book binding , which I use to offer workshops and demonstrations.
I purchased an 40″ x 5′ hand cranked printing press for Intaglio Printmaking made by Mike Bunch (whom created one of the largest printing press in the USA-which resides at Tandem Press located in Madison Wisconsin.
I spent the first 20 years of my life in Chicago Ill. and in the mid 1970’s moved to Central Wisconsin. I was destined to be an artist since I was raised by a grandmother that was a textile artist, a father that was a technical engineer by day and a professional photographer by night and a mother that explored every craft medium possible including 10 years of experience creating lamp worked beads.
The theme’s for my artwork often speaks to the diversity of communicative formats and their impact on humanity.