The images located on this page represent a fraction of the artwork I’ve created since I began printmaking in 2003.

Thanks to Professor Kitty Kingston at UW Marshfield /Wood County Campus, because under her guidance I began marketing and selling my artwork after my first semester of printmaking.

I love diversity (even if I have recently been a bit hyper-focused on the Kodiak bear theme titled “WALKABOUT”.

The sample of artwork on this page range from charcoal drawings, collage, collagraph prints, etchings, paper-making / paper sculpture and assemblages.  Most of the collages are created from other Intaglio prints that were experimental and lacked strength as a composition.


WALKABOUT Series  Collage

100_8761 #4 8 x 10

SNAP Series – Mixed Media/ Photography



“Leap of Faith” Series – Handmade paper / collage 


“Bombus” 3’x5′   charcoal drawing / graphite 

“In Flight” Collage/mixed medium