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The hot wire that’s been protecting the observation window located in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit area have been removed!  About two months ago the hot wire was placed around all the observation windows to prevent Munsey and Boda from licking and eating the sealant placed around the new observation  windows.   Now that a new protective coating has been applied to the original  sealant the cubs are free to interact once again with all Wildwood Zoo guests.




I often wonder what is going through the minds of both the child and the Kodiak cub while they’re  sharing a hug.  This is Munsey sharing a hug with a young Zoo guest early Monday morning around 8:30 am.


The cubs love to interact with the zoo staff while they’re cleaning the glass of the observations windows.


Casandra ( pictured above ) informed me that a few weeks ago Munsey and Boda had found a raccoon in the Bear Woods.  Needless to say, the raccoon turn out to be an additional snack for the cubs that day.

Munsey  and Boda now weigh 400 to 423 pounds. The cubs are now 20 months old and Munsey  weighs in at 400 pounds, while Boda’s weight is 423 pounds. These photographs were taken on Monday October 2nd.


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It’s always hard to say goodbye to the interns at Wildwood Zoo!  Thank you Amy for doing such a great job during your stay at Wildwood Zoo.  Thank you for sharing information on Munsey and Boda! I always appreciated hearing new updates on the cubs!  Best of luck to you in the future and I hope we see each other again soon!

While visiting Munsey and Boda this past Thursday, I happened to cross paths with the staff from the Marshfield Community Television.  The staff had just finished filming an interview with Steve Burns about Munsey and Boda. So, here’s the link to the interview covering Munsey and Boda.

I also had an opportunity to join a scheduled tour of the behind the scenes care and facilities of Munsey and Boda.  I highly recommend that any visiting groups, families, and individuals schedule a behind the scenes tour of the facilities.  The tour is very interesting and you get to experience how the cubs use the scale so the staff can document their weight, how the cubs are fed, and so much more.  The Wildwood Zoo staff are very knowledgeable and friendly!  Thank you  to Cassandra and Amy (Wildwood Zoo Staff)  for allowing me to take photographs of you during the private tour.

I didn’t include all wonderful behind the scenes photographs that I had taken because I don’t want to spoil the experience for those guests that have the opportunity to go on the tour.  To schedule a tour, go to the following link.


This is a slide video depicting the growth and development of Munsey and Boda from October 2015 to July 2016.

Here’s a new video clip on Munsey and Boda!  You can find more links to video clips and news articles written about the Munsey and Boda in former posts dedicated to Munsey and Boda.

I happened to be visiting Munsey and Boda during during some hot and humid days.  The early morning hours did’t seem to have as great of an impact on the cubs as much as the hot and humid evenings.  Last night the cubs seemed to be struggling with the heat and humidity from the long hot day.  Boda was digging up sand in the hopes of finding some cool damp sand to rest into, while Munsey  found a cool spot to rest located closer to the waterfalls up against the rock formations.

Earlier in the day I stopped to check on the cubs and found them swimming in the Bear Woods pond and the swimming pool that’s located in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat Area.

The cubs love discovering new things and one of items that cubs love playing with is the landscaping material that must line the pond in the BEAR WOODS.

Munsey and Boda love to play with new and interesting toys and that includes the empty beer keg that’s floating in their pond.

On August 10th around noon,was the first time I observed Munsey and Boda swimming across their pond that’s located in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat Area.  This pool is 13 feet deep in the center and so the cubs would normally only  play and splash along the outside area’s but never had I seen them swim across the deepest area of the pool.

The cubs are now 18 months old and weigh about 380 to 390 pounds each.

This weekend during the art tour I will have a large selection of artwork on exhibit and for sale.  There are over 200 cards of two rescued Kodiak bear cubs as well as 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 photographs and two different photographic books celebrating the first 15 months of the two Kodiak cubs.

In addition to the photography and books on the rescued Kodiak cubs I also have artwork that celebrates their survival in the format of collages and a charcoal drawing.  This series can be purchased in as an original or in a card format or reproduction print.

DSC_1343 Kodiak paw print This collage was created from handmade paper, original mono prints , a map and altered original and reproduction prints.

“Leap of Faith” is a series of seven compositions that honors the families with autism and can be purchased as cards and 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 reproductions prints.  The more fluid piece of artwork is derived from some fun experimental art projects that in it’s original size is about 1″ x 1 1/2″ in size and can’t be seen without the use of a slide a projector.


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I spent a few hours photographing Munsey and Boda on June 8th, 9th and 10th.  The cubs are 285 pounds and they are as active and very  inquisitive about everything.

Munsey found a frog hopping around the edge of the pond that’s located in the Woodland Habitat Area.  He was extremely intrigued by the frog.  After playing with it and tasting it, he spit it out of his mouth and then he finally ate the little hopper!

The cubs are enjoying their four foot deep pond and spend a lot of time swimming around, munching on roots.  It appears they  like flossing their teeth with the roots as well. The  Woodland Habitat Area pond offers the cubs an opportunity to float on their blue and red balls and multiple water fights are held on a daily basis.


From my experience the cubs seem to be very active around 10:30am to noon.  That’s when I’ve found them swimming in the pond, climbing trees and chasing each other around the Woodland Habitat Area.

I just finished creating a few more new photographic books of Munsey and Boda  and they  will be for sale around June 20th.  They will also be on sale during the  2016 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR, to learn more about this event go to