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It’s always fun to watch Munsey and Boda playing in the pond that’s located in the Bear Woods Habitat area.  The best time of day to catch these two splashing around is between  10 am to 12 noon.

Munsey and Boda  are almost 17 months old and last week they weighed in at 290-300 lbs each.   Munsey discovered his first frog in the Woodland Habitat Area at Wildwood Zoo.    Most every morning between 10:00 am- 12 noon you can find the cubs bathing and splashing each other in the four to six foot deep pond located in the wooded section of the bear exhibit.

I highly recommend you check out the educational programs that are offered at Wildwood Zoo!  This activity helps me keep up with new information about the cubs growth and other interesting facts on the cubs.

The cubs enjoy hunting for their snack after they’ve had their breakfast and lunch.  The zoo staff often hides the snacks in interesting places, so the bears develop their problem solving skills and it make life a little more interesting and exciting if the cubs have a special treat that’s always hidden or placed in a new location.


Boda (above) and Munsey really enjoyed their berry popsicle!

In the near future I’ll be creating new greeting cards and informational / photographic books on the growth and activities of Munsey and Boda.  Two of my books and a selection of 20 different greeting cards can be purchased at the Wildwood Zoo store.  Store hours are from  10:00 am-3:30 pm. During the summer months Wildwood Zoo opens at 7:30 am and closes at 7:30 pm.


I will be selling and signing my books ” JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit” and” Munsey & Boda 9-13 Months” along with Mary Wilson, who is author of  “Wildwood Zoo Book”on Saturday June 18th at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin.   So make sure to come to the Zoo Store and purchase some great zoo items as well as meet the authors that have written books about the Wildwood Zoo animals and the Kodiak bear cubs “Munsey and Boda”!   I will be signing books at 11:00-11:30 am  and from 12:00- 12:30 pm and again at 1:00- 1:30 pm  during the Zoo Fest at Wildwood Zoo!

There are also fantastic tee shirts, toys, stuffed animals, zoo animals post cards and Munsey and Boda Greeting cards and so much more…        So, I hope to see you there!

I spent a few hours photographing Munsey and Boda on June 8th, 9th and 10th.  The cubs are 285 pounds and they are as active and very  inquisitive about everything.

Munsey found a frog hopping around the edge of the pond that’s located in the Woodland Habitat Area.  He was extremely intrigued by the frog.  After playing with it and tasting it, he spit it out of his mouth and then he finally ate the little hopper!

The cubs are enjoying their four foot deep pond and spend a lot of time swimming around, munching on roots.  It appears they  like flossing their teeth with the roots as well. The  Woodland Habitat Area pond offers the cubs an opportunity to float on their blue and red balls and multiple water fights are held on a daily basis.


From my experience the cubs seem to be very active around 10:30am to noon.  That’s when I’ve found them swimming in the pond, climbing trees and chasing each other around the Woodland Habitat Area.

I just finished creating a few more new photographic books of Munsey and Boda  and they  will be for sale around June 20th.  They will also be on sale during the  2016 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR, to learn more about this event go to


Munsey and Boda are now 285 pounds and they are enjoying their life at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  Today’s discovery was a little black butterfly that happened to flutter around the cubs.  After a late morning nap the cubs enjoyed a wet and wild splash party in the Woodland Habitat Area followed by a game of tag. They also spent some quality time climbing 30 plus feet up one of the trees located near the pond.

The past few days I’ve been watching and photographing the cubs climbing trees, having water fights and chasing each other around the woodland habitat area. Yesterday  evening Munsey  decided to climbed 30  to 40 feet up one of the trees.

While it’s always fun to watch the cubs at play, I do worry about them when they choose to climb 30 feet up a tree!

Munsey has been holding his own when interacting with Boda these days, he’s no longer the passive Kodiak bear cub.  I must say it’s good to see the cubs treat each other with kindness from time to time.  It doesn’t happen often but I had the opportunity to see the cubs demonstrate  their affection for each other yesterday afternoon.

aaaDSC_3739 2016 5 24 munsey boda(left to right) Munsey and Boda resting together in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit while waiting for their lunch.

The cubs are around 260 pounds each and are going to be 16 months old in June.

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of sharing  my knowledge on the Kodiak cubs with the first grade teachers and students from Neilville, Wisconsin.

The photograph below is of Munsey running with his chunk of watermelon.aDSC_5790 2016 4 14 munsey

aaDSC_0789 2016 5 6 munsey boda

Check out the news article written on the Kodiak bear cubs.  I’ve shared a few video’s and  300 of  my photographs with biologist  Nate Svoboda, to assist him with the creation of the educational signage and other educational publications for the Kodiak bear cub exhibit.

Here’s a few photographs of the cubs that I had taken yesterday afternoon.

Check out this link to learn more about Munsey and Boda.