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The Ice is Nice!

Boda had an exciting morning testing out the remain ice formations on his little pond at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Little brother Munsey is catching some rays while resting on some stacked logs in the background.

Please check out the link below to take a peek at two art books that I’ve created through The SKETCHBOOK Project. The titles of the two books that I’ve created are: SURIVORS II and A PEEK INSIDE.

SURIVORS II – Library Call Number:375.59-9 A PEEK INSIDE – Library Call Number: 375.59-8


There are days when Munsey and Boda are chillaxing in the winter sun, dreaming of the warmer spring and summer months that will bring the smell and tastes of fresh buds on the trees and little animals running around their habitat area and the refreshing water in their pool and their pond.


The winter in central Wisconsin provides Munsey and Boda a pond full of ice to excavate and Munsey case, it’s a supply of objects to toss into the air!

aDSC_0457   Boda is more interested in releasing his downed tree trunk, so he can move it around and show off his brute strength.


Munsey and Boda truly enjoy each other’s company and they are never separated from each other for more than 15 minutes. Of course, they are bears and they love to wrestle with each other.  On Sunday, February 23rd, I documented the boys wrestling for about 45 minutes out of the 90 minutes I was charting their activities in the Bear Woods Habitat Exhibit.




After about 10 minutes of wrestling Munsey and Boda take a short time out to catch their breath before starting the next wrestling match.  They aren’t growling or creating any loud vocal sounds directed at each other, usually just a lot of heavy breathing from the extensive physical activity.




Then it’s time to rest, roll and slide around in the snow and dig up more ice chunks to break apart or toss into the air.  At this time Munsey is in the past 900 lbs. and Boda is over 1,000lbs.



Munsey and Boda spent their 5th Bear-thday enjoying meat/blood frozen ice cakes, unwrapping their cardboard birthday boxes filled with fresh fish and other bear-lightful yummy foods hidden in construction themed decorations placed all around the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat Exhibit on Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2020.


There were over 150 zoo guests that attended the bear-thday celebration and the Wildwood Zoo Staff and volunteers worked for many hours preparing for the event and setting up the decorations and interactive educational activity center.  Zoo guests brought Munsey and Boda many wonderful Birthday treats that the boys could enjoy over the next few weeks and throughout the years.



No Bones About It!

On 5/15/2019  Munsey was having a grand time playing around with some elk bones that he scooped up from the bottom of the pond that’s located in the Bear woods habitat area at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, WI.




Bear With Me

This video showcases a small selection of photography and drawings for the Sketchbook Project for the year 2020. The book will be digitized by June 2020. This specific sketchbook is titled “Bear With Me” and is a photographic documentation of the rescued Kodiak bear cubs (Munsey and Boda” that preside at the Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin since October 2015.)

Please join me at the Holiday Fair on December 7th  5:00 pm -9:00  and 8th, 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm at “The Art Garage” located 1400 Cedar Street, Green Bay Wisconsin!  Look for me at table #8, there will be 22 vendors with handcrafted goods, a free make and take project stations, Door Prizes, complimentary food and beverages, and three FREE workshop gift certificate giveaways!


2017 05 08_7783


Please join me at the Holiday Fair on December 7th  5:00pm -and 8th, 12:00 pm- at “The Art Garage” located 1400 Cedar Street, Green Bay Wisconsin!  Look for me at table #8, there will be 22 vendors with handcrafted goods, a free make and take project stations, Door Prizes, complimentary food and beverages, and three FREE workshop gift certificate giveaways!


My artwork ranges from Intaglio Printmaking, collage, assemblages, acrylic poured paintings,  paper sculptures, and photography.


Dance themed journals and cards are just a few items that can be purchased during the Holiday Art Fair.

DSC_0300 collage series title WALKABOUT

My collages and assemblages range from bear and elephant-themed compositions to communication technology.

2017-06-25 10.04.09



treeDSC_4686 2015-11-2aDSC_6409

On (9/18/2018) Munsey’s weight is 755pounds and Boda’s weight is 893 pounds.  This photograph was taken on 10/18/2018.  Today is the three year anniversary of Munsey and Boda’s arrival at Marshfield’s Wildwood Zoo for three years.

tree DSC_4676 15-11-2

The photograph above was taken on 11/1/2015,  Munsey and Boda were about 120 to 125 pounds.


In 2015 the JP Kodiak Bear Exhibit looked like the photograph above and the cubs were markedly smaller than then the tree’s in the habitat area.


Today, new tree’s have been placed in the JP Kodiak Bear Exhibit and when Munsey and Boda had the opportunity to explore the tree’s, they quickly began to demonstrate their branch management skills throughout the afternoon.


The photograph above was taken of Boda in October 2015. The photograph below was taken on 10/18/2018.



I love to play with a variety of materials when I’m creating artwork!  If my original prints don’t live up to my expectations, I alter them into a totally new composition.

Sometimes an original print will sit in a drawer for a couple of years before I figure out what direction to follow. Every January through March I pull out all my misfit children and turn them into totally new compositions, usually collages / mixed media.

I believe that the artwork is waiting for me to develop my skills and that’s when the magic happens!  It helps to have an open mind and the courage to destroy one piece of artwork to make exciting discoveries and push my boundaries!

child's Play -mixed media,printmaking

I will have the rest of my Kodiak Bear merchandise (coasters, journals, cards, and books) as well as my limited edition greeting cards, art journals, and a selection small original prints/collages.
Prices range from $3.00 to $700.00. Please stop by and take a peek at the section of artwork and photographs that range from the documentation of the two rescued Kodiak bear cubs to Original prints, funky decorative fish, fluid acrylic paint, and collages are presented with a nautical flair at the iMAGiMANiETHAT! Art Studio.

The Art Studio is #14 in the Northwoods Studio Art Tour booklet (the link is listed below)

Location: From Hwy 51 five miles north of Woodruff, turn west on Airport Rd. The studio is 1.2 miles north of Lakeland Airport, off North Farming Road, the first driveway on Bayer Lake Road.

(Above) An assemblage titled “Web-Scape” created from computer hardware, handmade glass sculptures, fishing net frames the entire composition that’s mounted on an original hand-pulled Intaglio Print.
2017 05 08_7783
To my surprise, I discovered that some styles of cork board create an interesting print because of it’s irregular textured surface.