swishBilliewendlandt_s_bombus_1jpgEducational Philosophy- Susan Wendlandt

I believe some of the greatest discoveries in life, be they in science, medicine, art or technology to name a few, have evolved from the creative process of experimentation and play. I strive to be bold and fearless through the manipulation and application of every aspect in the creative process which is comprised of; ideation, execution and evaluation in art. I am a professional artist and art instructor, currently I’m the director of Art Gallery 450 and offer workshops through the University of Wisconsin State 4-H Art Program.
What is integral to every art program I present is the key ingredient-EXPLORATION.

The power of play and the ability to listen to my inner voice (a collective of my life experiences) are the substance and motivation in every aspect of the creation and delivery of my course curriculum.

This mind set motivates me to create an atmosphere where mistakes and experimentation are to be celebrated and viewed as a wonderful learning opportunity for young emerging artists to courageously leave their mark in the world.

My personal encounters with attention deficit disorder, fuels my passion to create inclusive programming that embraces diversity. The repetition of key concepts while introducing various methodologies encourages all students to explore new applications and further develop their critical thinking skills.

Offering pedagogical sound professional artistic curriculum delivered through an interdisciplinary format which emphasis life experience and learning beyond the confines of the formal classroom environment nurtures the development of the student’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative, intuitive and spiritual life.

Everyday is an exciting journey of personal discovery where students’ skills and attributes are constantly challenged, developed and applied, preparing them for a fulfilling future and creative life –long learning.