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above photographs
10/23/2015   The cubs were 9 months old and weight was Munsey 120 lbs and Boda 130lbs.
  (above) Munsey eating a pumpkin 11/1/ 2015
Above photograph –  Munsey and Boda enjoy a pumpkin 10/19 /2017
 Munsey is about 620lbs. and Boda is 720 lbs.
 Munsey with his chunk of Pumpkin  10/19/2017
Interesting fact: Since Munsey’s recovery from his digestive problem,  Boda has demonstrated a greater ability to share his snacks with Munsey.   Boda hasn’t growled or made any type of aggressive behavior over sharing his pumpkin snack!  It is interesting to observe the growing bond between the Kodiak cubs.