It has almost been two years since the cubs have crossed the Floyd and Pat Hamus Bridge for the first time. So hears a selection of photographs depicting the cubs crossing the bridge over the past two years.
On Nov. 11, 2015  Once again the cubs were about 120lbs and 130 lbs.
On October 4th 2016,the cubs weight is Munsey 400 lbs. and is Boda 423 lbs.
abridges 2016 10 2_5886
12/11/2016 Munsey about 460 lbs. and Boda is about 490 lbs.
aDSC_4068 12 11 2016 bridge
On  Oct. 14, 2017  Munsey  weight is 620 lbs.and Boda is 720 lbs.