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I’m extremely honored to be involved with the UW Marshfield/ Wood County Campus Art Department serving as the Art Director for Art Gallery 450.  The video above segment depicts a sample of the artwork created in Professor Kitty Kingston’s Art Studio Courses.  The video segment listed below showcases the 2016 Fall semester  art students  and the 2017 Spring semester art students actively involved in the art studio courses offered at the UW Marshfield /Wood County Campus.

In 2003 I returned to college as a non-Contemplationtraditional student and discovered printmaking. I had no idea what printmaking was at the time and now I don’t know how I’d live without my printing press! I fell in love with printmaking because of the diversity it offers me as well it being a vehicle for me to create artwork that addresses the vast and diverse world of how humans communicate with each other utilizing different forms of technology over the past 100 years.

The Art Discipline at UW- Marshfield Campus embraces the many possible forms and functions of art. The images on this video represent the Introduction to Printmaking Course that is offered at the UW Marshfield / Wood County Campus during the second semester of the course study in the Spring of 2013. The printmaking area is comprised of intaglio, relief, monotype and other associated processes. The printmaking studio is equipped with a light table, ventilation spray booth, flat storage drawers, numerous work tables and two etching presses.

Introduction to Printmaking studio course acquaints students with various printmaking techniques, focusing on intaglio processes (collagraph, monotype, hard ground and soft ground) and relief printmaking.