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Thank you to all the studio guests that stopped in to visit with me to learn more about Intaglio Printmaking. I look forward to seeing everyone again during the October Northwoods Studio Art Tour held on October 5-6-7,2018
Here’s a peek of my art studio during the July Art Tour at the iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio. I hope to see you in October!
The Art Studio is #14 in the Northwoods Studio Art Tour booklet (the link is listed below)

Location: From Hwy 51 five miles north of Woodruff, turn west on Airport Rd. The studio is 1.2 miles north of Lakeland Airport, off North Farming Road, the first driveway on Bayer Lake Road.





During the July Northwoods Art Tour, I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people that traveled from Chicago, Milwaukee, the Twin Cities and Canada!


I definitely couldn’t have successfully participated in this art tour without the help of my wonderful friend and my fantastic husband!


My goal is to create artwork that beckons to both the viewer’s eye and sense of touch.






I was honored to receive an award through the participation of the Range Art Association for my original hand pulled print titled “On The Rocks”.


During the Art Tour, I created and demonstrated the art of Intaglio Printmaking. I printed a series of small original hand pulled prints titled “Symphony of Leaves”. The series consists of about 20,  4″x 6″ prints, printed on Rives BFK paper.




“WALKABOUT ” is a series of 8 compositions of collages that are comprised of my own handmade paper. I also used fragments from a variety of my Original Intaglio Prints, reproduction prints and photographs along with a few hand painted papers that have been cut, punched and altered to create each composition. The collage is sealed with an acrylic gloss medium and mounted on mat board.

DSC_1343 Kodiak paw print

The subject matter of “WALKABOUT” is represented as a bear.  Over the past two years, I’ve been documenting two rescued Kodiak bear cubs living in the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield.  I am addicted to recording the growth and development of the cubs (Munsey and Boda) through photography as well as tracking their movements and activities throughout their habitat area.


(above) Creating a collagraph plate:  An original print will begin with a variety of textured materials.  The materials are arranged in a fashion to create a focal point / focal points, and a foreground, mid-ground, and background.  The texture of the materials often draws the attention of the viewer’s eye, inviting them to touch the surface of the artwork!

(below) Once the materials have been glued into place and coated with white semi-gloss paint to close the pores which assist with a better transfer of the printing inks. Then the collagraph plate is inked, placed onto the Intaglio printing press, RIVES BFK paper is placed on top of the plate and the plate is pulled through the press to create an original Intaglio print.



The public is invited to explore my art studio on  July 27-28-29,  from 10:00 am-5:00 pm  iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio is #14 on the art tour.  To learn more about all the talented artists on the art tour go to http://www.northwoodsarttour.com.








You can take the girl out of the Chicago but you can’t take the Chicago spirit out of the girl!  That pretty much describes what motivates my edgier style of artwork.

child's Play -mixed media,printmaking

(above)  Child’s Play was a problematic/naughty creation that had taken me three years to create.  It began as a collagraph print that went rogue on me, so I tucked it away in a drawer for a few years. As time went by,  I had grown and evolved as an artist. So when I found the collagraph print, I knew exactly what to do with it, to make it into an interesting composition.

(below) My series of surrealistic charcoal drawings title Bombus (Latin word meaning BOOM) expresses the feeling/action that I wanted to portray in the drawing Bombus!

DSC_0002 - Bombus

Please stop in at iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio on  July 27-28 -29th from 10:00am- 5:00pm, listed as #14 in the Northwoods Art Tour Guide.

At this time I’m not set up to take credit cards but welcome cash and checks.

Bombus 3 and 4

(below) This composition titled BILLIE  is created with handmade paper.   The paper pulp was applied to a free-form mold.  Once the pulp had dried I applied a variety of permanent metallic paints and mounted the sculpture onto a wood background that’s covered with fabric.  Please stop in the studio to find out why this composition was given this title!


(below) The series title SNAP has a special story connected to my dear childhood friend that inspired me to create artwork using a very unusual method.  Please stop in the studio and ask me to tell you the story behind this artwork! iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio is #14 on the self- guided tour of the Northwoods Art Tour brochure. Go to http://www.northwoodsarttour.com

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