Paper sculpture with mixed media titled “Billie” created from handmade paper pulp which was applied to a free-form molded structure. Once the paper pulp was dried the mold paper form was removed from the free-form mold and metallic paints and sealant were added to emphasize the papers textures and create more visual interest.



The artwork was given the title “Billie” because of the beautiful marbles incorporated into the composition.  In Old English, the word Billie is defined as small balls.


The Art Studio is #14 in the Northwoods Studio Art Tour booklet (the link is listed below)

Location: From Hwy 51 five miles north of Woodruff, turn west on Airport Rd. The studio is 1.2 miles north of Lakeland Airport, off North Farming Road, the first driveway on Bayer Lake Road.

The next studio art tour is scheduled for October 5th, 6th and 7th,2018.