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The cubs had a great time playing with their toy’s in the pool located at the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit.



Of course they enjoy playing with their all time favorite toy, the fire hose!  They played with the fire hose for at least two hour’s today!


Today Munsey and Boda offered zoo guest’s an up close and personal experience to interact via the large observation window at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Both the young and the young at heart love interacting with Munsey and Boda!








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The video clip above depicts Munsey, Boda and Dodge after they were rescued on Kodiak Island and taken to the Zoo in Anchorage.

The photographs (above the video clip)  were taken shortly after the cubs arrived at the Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield Wisconsin.

The video link below explains the rescue story of Munsey, Boda and Dodge and includes photographs of when the cubs were first rescued.  I also recommend that you check out the two links that are provided with this video, to learn about the Grand Opening and other information about the rescue of the Kodiak Bear Cubs.


The link below is a video of Munsey and Boda’s first Birthday party that was celebrated at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wiscosnin.

Tree climbing is a favorite pass time for the cubs. Here are two video clips of Munsey and Boda climbing the tree’s.  The first video is of the cubs climbing in October 2015 and the other two video’s depict the cubs climbing the tree’s in April of 2017.



Munsey and Boda have a brother Dodge that lives at the To

ledo Zoo in Ohio. Dodge has bonded with two female Grizzly cubs.  To learn more about Dodge, go to the follwing links below.











Here are a list of new video’s to view on Munsey and Boda!


This video was taken on December 4th 2016.  Munsey weighs 460 lbs. and Boda weighs 495 lbs.

The boys really seemed to enjoy braking off chunks of icicles and munching on them, while they wait for their lunch to arrive.

Here is a link to the video of Munsey and Boda playing Tog of War with the fire hose! The video was taken in mid November of 2016.

The snack time video was also taken about the same time as the first video but it depicts how the zoo staff offer enrichment activities for the bears swimming through offering a different snack time experience every day.


On December 4th,  Munsey and Boda  could still enjoy the 32 degree weather while they collected and munched on icicles from their waterfall.

On the afternoon of  December 5th it was 30 degrees and the wind really picked up , so I  only spent 30 minutes at Wildwood Zoo.  The doors to the indoor bear den were opened for the boys, so they could go inside where they were protected from the elements.  Boda sat outside the door for about 10 minutes and the remaining time he sat in the door opening resting.  One of the photographs has little droplets covering the photograph. The droplets were created from the spray of the water from the waterfall as the strong winds began that afternoon.


This first video is of Munsey as he awakes from his afternoon nap.

The following video’s are of Munsey and Boda playing with a fire hose.  Munsey has learned a new trick over the past few days.  He’s learned that he no longer needs to tread water for 30 minutes and hold his breath for long period of times to retrieve the fire hose. He’s discovered that if he kicks his hind legs around long enough, he’ll move the the hose from the bottom of the pool to the surface and capture the hose.

Boda is most often seen on the side of the pool because he doesn’t seem to enjoy swimming in the deeper water of the pool.


The observations window offers a unique opportunity for zoo guests to observe the Kodiak cubs. Munsey and Boda  especially enjoy interacting with the youngest guests visiting  Wildwood Zoo!   This photo and video above was taken in early October of 2016.



aDSC_5790 2016 4 14 munsey

Most weekday mornings fruits and veggies are hidden around the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit and other sections of the Kodiak Habitat area as an enrichment activity for the cubs. DSC_3298

aDSC_7260 2016 4 17 munsey