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Please take a few minutes to view some of the new pages that I added to my blog today.  At the top of my website, I’ve added pages that showcase the following three themes: Munsey and Boda Merchandise – Artwork Gallery and Photography.



Wisconsin 4-H 100th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

4-H youth – 3rd through 6th graders attended the 2014 Wisconsin State 4-H Art Beat Camp at Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center on March 14 and 15th. About 75 campers attended the arts camp to learn about the history of bead making and how to make paper and polymer beads. An exciting drama track instructed by Elizabeth Kirsten andJanine Lynaugh offered campers a chance to learn some theater warm up games and explore creating skits, while the visual arts track instructed by Susan Kloch Wendlandt offered campers an opportunity to create colorful wax paintings by melting crayons using hair dryers. This session also offered campers an in depth understanding of the life of Elizabeth Upham and the Upham family (the family that donated 310 acres of property (which includes Blackhawk Island) to the UW Extension -to what we know today as asCamp Upham Woods. A fantastic photography track was instructed by Lizzy Farrey, while Bridget Fish and Hailey Fishinstructed an energetic and fun filled session teaching campers the skills of juggling and how to make juggling balls. Christina Rencontre UW-Extension (our beloved Communication Specialist made sure everyone had supplies, and oversaw the camp registration and health forms as well making sure the camp was running smoothly! Oh! She also does so much more!!!! And lets not forget the camp-fire songs and activities…including a new Art Beat Cheer was introduced as well as a presentation offered by Catherine, the naturalist at Upham Woods.ImageImageImageImageImage

4-H Arts Lab

4-H Arts Lab

From altered books , collage and printmaking,anything goes at Wisconsin State 4-H Arts Camps !

In the past five to seven years my daughter Katherine and I have individually donated over 3,000 hours of our time devoted to developing, mentoring, organizing, promoting and instructing at Wisconsin 4-H State Arts Camps, 4-H Art Teams preparing for 4-H State Youth Leadership Conference and Wisconsin State Fairs.
I strongly feel that as a professional artist it my duty to share my love of art through an educational format. I’ve been involved in the 4-H program since 1966, when I was living in Chicago Ill. and I’ve been dedicated to the 4-H Organization ever since that time.

This video is a collective of visual memories from the 2013 Wisconsin State 4-H ARTS TEAMS Planning weekend held at Upham Woods, located near Wisconsin Dells. The state 4-H teams represented in this video are Art Team, Press Team, Showcase Singers and Drama Company. The members of these teams gather together every April are comprised of over 100 youth that live throughout Wisconsin. Every June we gather together to create, art instillation’s and exhibit, photographic, musical and theater performances presented to 600 to 1000 4-H youth delegates at the state 4-h Youth Leadership Conference in Madison. The theme for the 2012 Youth Leadership Conference was “Exploring The Possibilities”