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The link above is a news article regarding Steve Burns the zookeeper for Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield and his trip to Kodiak Island Alaska in connection with Munsey and Boda.


Munsey and Boda really enjoy their morning and afternoon snacks.  A great time to see the Kodiak bear cubs get their snacks is right after breakfast, which is around 9:00 am and lunch is served around 2:30 pm.


After breakfast and snack time, it’s time for a major water fight!  Munsey and boda love to splash and play aggressively in the Bear pond and the pool area located in front of the observation window at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin.aDSC_8836


Yes, Munsey and Boda are once again climbing high into the tree tops!



Maybe it was the wonderful guitar music that inspired Boda to take to the tree tops in the late afternoon on Saturday May 13th, 2017.


While Boda was pruning the tree tops, Munsey was collecting the branches that Boda was dropping  all around him. aDSC_3812


That’s little branch is holding up about 600 lbs. of Kodiak bear.  Things got a little tense when Boda placed his weight on dead or partially broken branch and I could hear the branch cracking from the bears weight. I’m sure Boda could feel the branch giving underneath him!  So he maneuvered himself around and shifted his weight onto another branch!

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The video clip above depicts Munsey, Boda and Dodge after they were rescued on Kodiak Island and taken to the Zoo in Anchorage.

The photographs (above the video clip)  were taken shortly after the cubs arrived at the Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield Wisconsin.

The video link below explains the rescue story of Munsey, Boda and Dodge and includes photographs of when the cubs were first rescued.  I also recommend that you check out the two links that are provided with this video, to learn about the Grand Opening and other information about the rescue of the Kodiak Bear Cubs.


The link below is a video of Munsey and Boda’s first Birthday party that was celebrated at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wiscosnin.

Tree climbing is a favorite pass time for the cubs. Here are two video clips of Munsey and Boda climbing the tree’s.  The first video is of the cubs climbing in October 2015 and the other two video’s depict the cubs climbing the tree’s in April of 2017.



Munsey and Boda have a brother Dodge that lives at the To

ledo Zoo in Ohio. Dodge has bonded with two female Grizzly cubs.  To learn more about Dodge, go to the follwing links below.










It’s a rainy and at the very least a drizzly kind of day and it’s my birthday.   I was determined to get a few photographs of Munsey and Boda today.  So with an umbrella in hand I went to Wildwood Zoo hoping to get a few interesting photographs of the boys and they did not disappoint!


Boda was up the tree when I arrived and I’m still amazed that the branch he’s standing on, held up under the weight of almost 600 lbs.!

So when Boda is descending from the tree he reminds me of Whinny The Pooh , stuck   in the doorway of the his den.  It appears that descending requires far more  thought, time and talent  than climbing up the tree!  Boda should know that he’s too big for tree climbing!  Maybe I should get him some rock climbing gear!

While Boda was trimming the limbs off the tree, Munsey was gathering and moving the fallen tree limbs that would become the bears late morning snack.

I’m really looking forward to working on the next Munsey and Boda book that has these tree climbing adventures and new information of the cubs growth and activities!



Two Years Old

Happy Birthday  Munsey and Boda, it’s hard to believe that your two years old! It’s also hard to believe that on 2/16/2017  Munsey weight is 545 lbs. and Boda’s weight is 590 lbs.!aadsc_7630DSC_3869 The photographs in this post depict the growth of the cubs over the past 12 months.

cDSC_7513 2015 11 10




The photograph above was taken 2/17 2017 at about 2 years of age.



aDSC_2143 2016 3 11

It’s not easy taking photographs of the Kodiak cubs during the cold winter months.  During the coldest of days, I’ll only spend 15 minutes taking photographs. My  hands begin to freeze and even the camera isn’t too happy being subjected the cold temperatures.  Regardless of the weather and cold temperature, I’m drawn to stop in and visit Munsey and Boda because of their playful and childlike curiosity and behavior.  So here are a few photographs of the Kodiak cubs enjoying the winter snow.aaadsc_4915-1-9-2017

This photograph of Munsey  was taken on January 9th, 2017.  He was playing with a stick he found in the Bear Woods.

The photograph on the left was taken 1/9/2017 and the photograph on the right was taken 1/29 2016.  On 1/29/2016 the cubs weight was around 200 pounds. On 1/9/2017  Munsey’s weight is around 505 lbs. and Boda weight is 545 lbs.



Here are a list of new video’s to view on Munsey and Boda!


During the Winter months Munsey and Boda seem to be more interactive more frequently , then they are during the Summer months.  I’m sure with that Winter coat of fur, they are very comfortable in the winter season.

Notice the difference in the weight and growth of the Kodiak cubs since Feb. 15th, 2016 to Dec. 4th, 2016.  The Munsey’s  weight was 185 lbs. and Boda’s weight was 192 lbs. in Feb. 2016 . On Dec. 4th, Munsey weighs 460 lbs. and Boda weighs 495 lbs.

Here is a link to the video of Munsey and Boda playing Tog of War with the fire hose! The video was taken in mid November of 2016.

The snack time video was also taken about the same time as the first video but it depicts how the zoo staff offer enrichment activities for the bears swimming through offering a different snack time experience every day.