Gallery 450 hosted it’s 15th student art exhibition which offers the viewer an amazing array of work created by the students who have been enrolled in art courses during the Fall and Spring Semesters of 2012-2013. This exhibition displays our students’ ability to work hard, think critically and be open to new ideas. Creative people are often seen as a being in a a class by themselves-as people with certain “gifts” that the rest of us don’t seem to have. Yet most scientists agree creativity has little to do with talent or skill. Among the traits that creative people have is strong interest in finding and framing unusual problems. In addition there is the ability to take risks-creative peopl function on the edge of their competence; the motivation is not grades, money, or recognition, but simply the desire to learn.

The Art Discipline at UW- Marshfield Campus embraces the many possible forms and functions of art. The images on this video represent the Introduction to Drawing Course and 2-D Course offered at the UW Marshfield / Wood County Campus during the first semester of course study in the Fall of 2012.

The art program strives to create an environment that encourages students to take risks and experiment with subject matter, concept, process and creative outcome.

An updated video will be posted in about two weeks.